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Re-Entry Services


O I C Re-entry services

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OIC students participating in a construction class.

Reintegration of Ex-Offenders (RExO)

The Reintegration of Ex-Offenders (RExO)- Adult Program is designed to strengthen urban communities through an employment-centered program that incorporates mentoring, job training, and other comprehensive transitional services. This program seeks to reduce recidivism by helping former inmates find work when they return to their communities, as part of an overall effort to assist them with a successful reintegration.

Each year approximately 700,000 inmates are released from State and Federal prisons and return to their communities and families. Without assistance to make a successful transition, the majority of ex-offenders return to criminal activity. Released prisoners face a myriad of challenges that contribute to their return to criminal activity, leading to re-arrest and re-incarceration. Joblessness among ex-offenders has been broadly linked to recidivism rates and also demonstrate low levels of educational attainment. Research has also documented the substance abuse and mental health issues of ex-offenders – factors that are likely to contribute to poor education levels, un-employability, and a return to criminal activity. The program is designed to increase the likelihood of success related to employment or vocational opportunities, by assisting persons with barriers to employment find meaningful employment. The program serves South Florida residents convicted of an offense upon their release from prison or placement on probation. Persons within 90 days of release from incarceration are eligible for participation.

Opportunities Industrialization Center (OIC) of South Florida recognizes that employment is a critical stabilizing factor for ex-offenders, and understands the complex issues that often serve as barriers to obtaining employment. The RExO program offers a structured curriculum including basic computer skills, business etiquette, resume writing skills with accompanying documentation, interviewing skills, overall dress and presentation.  These skills are supplemented by a comprehensive, structured mentoring program that includes group and individual sessions designed to build self esteem, social awareness and promote personal responsibility.  Each student is assigned a care coordinator to assist them through the OIC process and beyond. Individual needs will be addressed by their care coordinator, through the building of a strong and supportive relationship.   Additionally, each student is assigned an employment specialist, who upon completion of the employability program, works with them individually to  assist them in obtaining meaningful employment.